Home Brewing

Like millions of others, I drink and awful lot of coffee at home, and these days love purchasing, and trying different brews, different types and making coffee in a different way. This summer I have used a lot of beans, which I grind with an electric grinder, to make either a small or large amount depending on my coffee ‘mood’. The latter I will be talking about at a later date.

In our kitchen, I have a designated shelf which I keep the bare minimum for a good coffee experience, the simpler the better. Right now I have filled my ‘day to day’ glass jar with beans grown in Ethiopia, and I’m finding it rather good (but not the best) coffee I’ve tasted over the bright, warm months. I acquire my beans locally from the many coffee shops I frequent, and over time will construct my own personal guide and choice of the coffee experience in Leicester UK. 



My Shelf. The simpler the better for me.