On Bank Holiday Monday, I needed to get away from home for a while. So packing my journal and Kindle Fire, I walked into Leicester City Centre and made my way up Granby Street to the BRU Coffee outlet. Sitting inside with a medium Americano, waiting for a good friend, I noted down just how at home I feel in the popular coffee culture of the 21st century.  

As the traditional pub continues to die (quickly) in this city at least, the coffee outlet thrives and since retiring in 2013, I’ve immersed myself in the culture. So many conversations about books, life, politics etc, over one or two cups of the ever expanding range of brews. Occasionally, i have (dare I say it), tea, but not that often I have to admit.  

I love this life, and feel much more in tune with daytime coffee drinking than ever I did in a pub or club from times past.  



Bru Coffee Shop, Leicester UK, on Bank Holiday Monday, August 2018